Chronic Illness and Mast Cells

Mold in Crawlspace

For months now, all it has done is rain continuously where I live.  It started in the Fall and hasn’t let up yet.  It was around that same time I started battling a sinus and ear infection, which I fought until after Thanksgiving and finally resorted to going to the doctor and getting antibiotics.  I am currently on my 4th round of antibiotics, and I am still vert sick.  All the more pleasant, I am battling yeast infections thanks to the antibiotics.  Everything comes with a price.  And I believe what started this horrible cycle is mold in the crawlspace of my home.

Shortly after Christmas I started noticing a mildewy/moldy smell everytime my heat and air would run.  So my husband went under the house and sure enough discovered mold growing in our crawl space on the floor joists and subfloor.  Insulation had feel down from the heavy moisture.  The insulation that was still in place, had mold growing between the insulation and the subfloor.  It’s been a nightmare because of the cost of the damage and what it is going to take to fix it.

We have had 2 companies come out and give quotes.  Even with my husband doing part of the work, it is well out of our price range.  So I have spent weeks reading, studying, and forming a plan of action to rid our crawl space of mold.  It is making not just me sick, but my husband, my dog, and cats sick as well.  I am so reactive to mold that I am doing all the figuring out of how to and my husband is doing all the labor.  It took him over 3 weeks working in the evenings and weekends just to remove all the fiberglass insulation and vapor barrier out.  The next step was to soda blast all the floor joists, subfloor, etc.  After 2 days of doing that and only 1/4 of the crawl space has been soda blasted, we switched gears.  I found a product called Congrobium on line which is supposed to be no VOC, made with 4 ingredients, 3 of which are inorganic salts. So somewhat natural.  The product kills the mold by crushing it, and then seals it over.  So that is where we are currently at.  Dead mold that still has to be soda blasted away.  For good measure, the plan is to go in and use the fogging congrobium again after the soda blasting is completed.  It is supposed to coat everything and inhibit the mold from coming back.

Amongst all the soda blasting and killing of mold, this past week we had flooding and discoverd that yes, we do indeed have water coming in around the foundation of the house.  So, gears switched again.  Mission dirt is in full swing.  The near future brings replacing all the air ducts to ensure there is no mold in the air system.

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